Kraft Standup Pouch 11 x 8 Inch (Black)

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Kraft stand-up pouches allow you to display any product uniquely and conveniently. Through the window, you can see what is inside. Kraft brand pouches can be used to decorate your creations. This is the perfect storage solution to store your food products.

Kraft stand-up pouches are versatile and can be used in any environment. These pouches can be used to store and display dry fruits, teas, and coffees, as well as spices. These containers are ideal for storing food or beverages. These containers keep your products dry on your countertop or shelf.

Size of Product: 8 inches (width), 11 inches (height)

(Size in cm): 20 cm (width), 27.9 cm (height)

Color: Black

Material: Food-grade Kraft liner.

Alternative: Plastic

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Kraft stand-up pouches make it easy to show any product uniquely and conveniently. You can see what’s inside through the window. Our Kraft brand pouches are the perfect way to dress up your products. This is the ideal storage solution for storing your food products!
Kraft stand-up pouches can be used in almost any environment. These pouches are ideal for storing and displaying dry fruits, tea, coffee, and other products. These containers are great for storing food and beverages. They keep your products dry while on your counter or shelf.

Multiple Uses

You can use them to pack treats for travel or make lunches with your kids using standup pouches. These bags can also be used to store food in the kitchen. The bulk set of Kraft bags is the best for small businesses. It can store dry food, coffee beans, dried food, and cereals.


  • Clear Window.
  • Simple Tear Notch with Wide Stand Base.
  • Excellent moisture barrier.
  • Non-breakage and, Non-leakage.
  • Top-grade shelf display.
  • Viewing Windows – Customers can view the food they eat through a transparent window.
  • It’s water-resistant and suitable for dry food.

Customized Pouch Quantity


100% Biodegradable.

End of life

This product can be composted 100%!


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