Top Eco-Friendly Packaging Trends for 2022 - Custom Box

There are many exciting options for environmentally-friendly packaging in the future. There are many options, from compostable and biodegradable to plant-based. These are the top eco-friendly packaging trends for the next decade. Once you get past the glitz and glamour of the latest packaging designs, you will learn about the most recent environmentally friendly packaging developments.

Packaging that is compostable or biodegradable

Biodegradable and compostable packaging is a better alternative to plastics. These materials can be composted under the right conditions. Over the last five years, 87% of people have searched for “compostable.” Bacardi, a spirits company, has announced it will release its first compostable bottles in October 2020. What exactly is “compostable”?

The new plastics tax primarily drives this trend. This tax is designed to reduce plastic use. Using compostable or biodegradable packaging is environmentally friendly to protect the environment and your brand image. Reusable packaging is also attractive and customized, making it an excellent option for branding and marketing. The growth in mono-material packaging is expected to continue through 2022.

According to one study, consumers are open to compromise to lower their environmental impact. 81% of respondents stated that sustainable packaging materials should offer equal or better protection than non-sustainable alternatives. This number will jump to 68% by 2021, indicating that consumers are open to making compromises for a better end-of-life story. Additionally, sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly affordable.

Flexible packaging

The highest recycling rates are for plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and steel cans. Recyclable materials can help reduce landfill size, save natural resources, and make consumers more money. Future Market Insights reports that by 2022, plastic packaging will be replaced with biodegradable and recycled products by businesses. Businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and invest in biodegradable or compostable packaging solutions.

Flexible packaging is another trend in sustainable packaging. Flexible packaging is more sustainable than rigid material and will save manufacturers energy and water. Flexible packaging can be tailored for specific products, and consumers will love the possibility of reusing it. Some flexible pouches can be reused and resealed, which saves energy and resource during manufacturing.

Reusable containers are another trend in sustainable packaging. These containers are designed to reduce a company’s carbon footprint and can be refilled at a refilling station. Companies with brick-and-mortar stores will benefit from this concept, as customers will be more likely to shop in their stores than in throwaway containers. Businesses have adopted this style of The Body Shop at their retail locations.

Packaging made from plants

Modern business models require recyclable and reusable packaging. Some companies are taking advantage of this trend and introducing refill businesses and reusable packaging programs. Customers can return their products to a refilling station and get new packaging. A third 3Rs concept is a returnability. Some companies and entities offer incentives for customers to return their products. Nzambi Matee, for example, makes plastic building materials from plastic. The Good Plastics Company, however, makes recycled plastic sheets. The plastic alternatives market will grow dramatically by 2022.

It is crucial for business owners to understand the environmental impact of their packaging and how it can be improved. Recent research revealed that 74% of consumers would rather pay more for products made in sustainable and eco-friendly ways. These stats suggest that customers could purchase based on sustainable packaging. It’sIt’s essential to do it right. These trends will also impact the packaging industry over the next few years.

Next is the emphasis on recycling and renewable energy. Brands should be more environmentally conscious as consumers become more aware. A vital component of any business strategy is recycling and sustainable packaging. These are the key factors that will drive innovative packaging’s future. Future Market Insights reports that sustainable packaging is the biggest driver of smart packaging growth. It will impact how consumers buy products, renewable energy, and recycling.


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